There's no built-in option to share a feed of pictures from Instagram with either Instagram or foliodrop. But there's still an easy way to do it by using our our Embed Code element with a choice of one of several third-party tools. 

A Google Search for "embed an instagram feed" brings up numerous choices of varying cost and quality. Our favorite of these (at least for the moment) is It's free to use, though there's also a paid version, and simple to add to a foliodrop site. You're welcome to use any of the others; they should all work in much the same way as SnapWidget. 

Start by going to


Press the Get Your Free Widget button and fill out the form



You can create a feed using your Instagram username or any Instagram #hashtag. But we assume you likely want to use your own username. 



Then you should choose how your widget will look. Let's go with Grid, using a thumbnail size of 100px per image, and a layout of 3 x 3. You, of course, should test out different selections until you find the one you want to use.



Let's put a border around each thumbnail, leave the background color as transparent (blank), and put 8px of space between each thumbnail. 



And let's finish by turning off Hover Effects, saying no to Sharing Buttons. You can also make the widget Responsive so it adjusts in size based on how your site is being viewed (on a computer, tablet, phone, etc).



All done! Now we just need to click on Get Widget. This opens up a dialog box displaying code that we'll need to copy.


Now let's go to foliodrop and drag the Embed Code element onto a page. Create a text html page. Click on html icon and paste the previously copied code - save. Done;)! 


Preview your Instagram feed on your website.

Some other popular widgets: 


 Here is also an interesting summery of the best instagram widgets.


Foliodrop teamed up with PicDrop and Wallidoo to improve the overall user epxerience equally for Pro and Free Users. With PicDrop you can finally share your high res files with clients the most easy anc convenient way. The Berlin based company even developed a Lightroom Plugin that you can integrate in your daily workflow. PicDrop is totally web- based and has the easy drag'n'drop interface that you are used to have with foliodrop. 

Wallidoo is a Print Service, that lets you sell your Art Prints directly from your foliodrop website. After submitting your Images to Wallidoo, you only have to define the Price and the provision model that you want to have for the sales. There are 2 to choose from: You can eather earn 90% of your motif price or 30% on the total cost including the materials used for the print. We are proud that wallidoo works only exclusively with foliodrop. 

Sponsorship is the activity of a sponsor who has provided funds for a specific event. It should not be confused with charity because when money comes from a benefactor, you owe him nothing but gratitude. In the case of a sponsor, the situation is somewhat different. Sponsorship can take many forms. It can be paying for materials, organizing an exhibition, or even providing an artist with housing. Sometimes sponsors can just give you money, and you will dispose of it as you see fit.

In general, sponsorship for the sponsor himself is part of the marketing strategy. So sponsors often want to get something for their investment in your work. But what exactly the sponsor needs will depend only on the terms of the deal you have come to.

Indeed, sometimes sponsors can provide gratuitous assistance. Often this is a small investment, paying for part of the materials or providing space for a creative activity for a short time. Usually, this demonstrates their intentions, just a kind of courtship and a first date.

But when you start cooperation, one way or another, the sponsor will set their conditions. For example, sometimes, all a sponsor needs are informational support. That is, mention it as often as possible, there will definitely be a banner of the sponsoring company at events, and you will be required to mention the company during public speaking. Some sponsors will expect to make some profit. Of course, these are not investors who would set a clear percentage you would have to pay for each painting or installation sold. But they may offer you to pay a fixed amount every month or give away part of the proceeds after the exhibition, for example.

Be that as it may, the terms of cooperation with the sponsor are always individual and are discussed before you sign the contract. This can greatly help aspiring artists or those temporarily going through difficult financial times.

Before you open your gallery, you should carefully assess all the risks. Basically, this is the same business as, for example, opening a store so you will need a business plan. Your strategy must be thoughtful and clear, so as not to fall into a debt hole later or be left with nothing.

If you are confident in your decision, there are several ways to get funding.


Art is an important part of our life. In addition, it can be said that it is fashionable in the circles of businessmen and all those who have a lot of money. So rich people sometimes don't mind investing in a new gallery or up-and-coming artist. So there is a chance to get the necessary funds without returning them.


Investors are the same rich people but do not want to part with money just like that. Investors can offer you the necessary funds with the conditions for their return. It can be a one-time payment or a percentage of the profit after a certain period.


In America, many foundations support the arts. You can submit several applications to various funds and possibly, receive a grant. It may not cover all expenses, but it can help a significant part. It all depends on the fund you choose and the amount of the grant you will receive.


After all, you can always take out a loan. Of course, this requires a good credit score and income to borrow a huge amount of money at reasonable interest rates. Or be the owner of a house that can be used as collateral. True, if things go badly, you can lose your home, but who does not take risks does not have his own gallery.