Collaboration with PicDrop and Wallidoo!

Foliodrop teamed up with PicDrop and Wallidoo to improve the overall user epxerience equally for Pro and Free Users. With PicDrop you can finally share your high res files with clients the most easy anc convenient way. The Berlin based company even developed a Lightroom Plugin that you can integrate in your daily workflow. PicDrop is totally web- based and has the easy drag'n'drop interface that you are used to have with foliodrop. 

Wallidoo is a Print Service, that lets you sell your Art Prints directly from your foliodrop website. After submitting your Images to Wallidoo, you only have to define the Price and the provision model that you want to have for the sales. There are 2 to choose from: You can eather earn 90% of your motif price or 30% on the total cost including the materials used for the print. We are proud that wallidoo works only exclusively with foliodrop.